A very different Thursday 

Just days before going to Oslo I was contacted by my local yoga studio as and asked to take part in a photoshoot for some promotional work. It’s something I’d never done before so thought why not.
The 8am alarm after only a few hours sleep wasn’t the most welcome of sounds but I quickly dressed and grabbed my mat and headed for the studio.
There was only 3 of us to start with. We ran through a few sun salutations and individual photos for some test shots.
After that we had to hold the photographers chosen poses for maybe a 10 breath count. That’s not ally very easy and is in itself a practice called “Yin yoga” but first thing in the morning and it being in a hot studio soon had us all sweating hard.
After a few group photos on the class environment I had to hold a few individual poses. They were photos not illustrate any great strength or ability but more focusing on small parts of the body under stress.
IMG_0460 IMG_0464 IMG_0475 IMG_0477 IMG_0473
From there we all headed to the park. Thy wanted to capture the community side of yoga. We all sat in a circle and in question had to laugh as naturally as possible. That was amusing in itself! Just imagine the awkwardness of having to laugh on the spot with a group of people you don’t know. I soon realised though that a few inappropriate jokes worked well for sustained laughter.
We continued to do a few places shots around the local park. One or 2 meditation poses on some rocks and finally a few more casual shots.
I was joined In the park by Abs, being such a nice day we found a nice spot to relax and practice some acro yoga. When we first tried this we could only just hold the most basic of poses. Slowly through our own developments of yoga we managed to hold the one below.
We continued to practice some new moves that we hadn’t tried. Some worked and others didn’t. Below is a great video that makes me laugh every time I now see it. We are both fine from it but still its a lesson to maybe walk before you leap!

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