A week of farewells

It’s been an amazing week. With me leaving in the early hours of tomorrow morning id arranged to see friends and family over different nights before I left.

It started quietly and easy enough. I meet my friend SJ, someone I’d meet when I went to a charity fund raising evening for the dogs trust. She was the instructor in a style called “strala” designed to not be a strict yoga practice but one in which you move your body to music in which ever way feels good for you. I’d spend relatively little time with SJ but she’s someone I wish I could have found more about. She went to New York to study under Tara Styles, a world renown teacher. I’d loved to have found out more about the path that took her there but that’s for another day.

Saturday is planned to meet most of my close friends for dinner at a pub I’d wanted to try. Before hand due to finishing work early I meet Abi for one last trip to the core.

We chatted some nonsense and enjoyed making our way through the menus on offer. Somehow we then ended up playing a writing game which was possible the most fun I’ve had in a age.

The idea is you each write one sentence then fold the paper over and the other person continues from the last word you’d wrote.

The stories that came from it were magical Face with tears of joy but the shear laughter that came from reading the stories back is a memory that il always carry with me.



After composing ourselves I had to head home. I got back to Chet and meet everyone for dinner. It was a group of some of my closest friends. We drank and ate more food then we should then ran around bars and clubs until the early hours. It was a brilliant night and the hangover was worth it!



Sunday started with waking myself from the drunken slumber. I’d slept on the floor of my now empty flat. After rustling up all my clothes I headed home.

I meet Abi and our now mural friend Kerry in Ross after they’d been to a Reiki course ( that’s a story in itself) we all relaxed and enjoyed a coffee down by the river side. A place I’d spent many an hour drinking when I’d lived in Ross. It was beautiful and fun an soon Kerry and I headed off to the Mill Race for our dinner.



The Mill Race is a pub I’ve eat at before, the food is all locally sourced and gives a selection so great that even the fussiest of eaters could find something they’d enjoy.

As such we couldn’t decide what to have. In the end we just told the waitress to get the chef to being us his favourite dishes from the menu. The food that came out was amazing and we could have eat our way through the entire menu.

Kerry is someone that I’d spent only a short amount of time with. I’d meet her through Abi originally when we were first dating. Since then I’ve spent more an more time with her and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

She’s one of he most genuine people I know, and someone who’s friendship I really value. It’s great to talk to her because we share a similar interest in photography and design. As she’s about to start a new job I can’t wait to here all about new projects and demands. She’ll be amazing at it, an it was great to see her light up when she was talking about it all.

It’s always great to see a persons face when they talk about a new adventure. The emotion is evident to witness and magnetic to be around.

We could have stayed and chatted and eat our way through the menu but she had to get back to Swindon and I was still flagging from the night before. We said goodbye but with a promise to keep in touch and share our adventures.



Monday was a night I’d been looking forward to for some time. After a chat way before I could even remember Abi and I had decided to go for a meal at the Daffodil. On a Monday night they offered 2 for 1 martini cocktails and live jazz, how could we not go!!

The Daffodil is restaurant built within a old cinema in Cheltenham, it’s styled in original Art Deco and is beautiful to see.

With it being quite a posh place to eat we’d decided it was a great chance to dress up smart and enjoy together. It will probably be the last time I wear a shirt and waistcoat for some time so I was looking forward to getting ready probably more than Abi!!

As good as I thought I looked dressed to the nines she easily out did me though. Her style is something no one can not be attracted to and she looked breath taking.

After a shirt taxi we arrived and soon found our way to the bar. A selection of Martini cocktails eased us into the night. We enjoyed some of the best food I’ve had in a long time and sat and watched the Jazz. It was a brilliant night, made more so with the constant stream of jokes going forth. I can’t remember the last time I was offered a Orgasmatrom with the promise irk make me quack!
It was a hard goodbye in the morning, it was always going to be. As much as we’d both promised it wouldn’t be a sad goodbye the realisation neither of us knew the next time we’d see each soon had us both torn up.



The day dragged by slowly, with memories of people and realisations fresh in my mind. I was meeting Cat in the evening though so I had to get on with work and get home.

I picked her up and we headed the Grid Iron in the centre of Cheltenham. We only went there because Cat had vouchers to make he meal cheaper. I’d eaten there before but was overly impressed with it. We’d gone to just spend time with each other so really it didn’t mind.

The problem with me and Cat though is we are just massively alike in some ways. We should both be the fattest people anyone knows because we just love to eat, an eat, an eat!! We ordered most of the menu to make the most of the vouchers and destroyed ourselves on what came.

By the end both of us struggled to even stand up from the table! It was bloody fun though!



Wednesday night came around quickly. My parents had arranged a party for family and friends to come and see me before I left. I had no idea though who or how many had actually planned to come so I was a little apprehensive and curious!

In the end our home was filled with 30+ people. Close family relatives and friends going back to my earliest memories. It was a great night seeing old faces and sharing stories of mutual travels. I’d gained an ever growing list of contacts for around the world and been instructed to keep them all up to date with my travels.



After a week of working and eating out I was starting to struggle though. I’d eat so much over the week and exhaustion was slowly starting to kick in. I also had one last day at work and a meal after with all my work colleagues.

That will get added to this in the future but as I haven’t packed or sorted many many things for my travels, I may have to leave that to a later date.

For now I’m just feeling blessed for all the people in my life. I didn’t get to see everyone but those I did I shared memories with and laughter. What more could anyone possible want.


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