A night bathed in light.

Its nearly 2 weeks into my YTT course at Anamaya, Its been more of a emotional rollercoaster ride then I was expecting but its been an amazing ride so far.


The scenery and environment that Im currently living in not only stretches the limits of my physical capabilities but also those of my mind. So many times I’ve found myself stopping and just drinking in the views from our yoga deck. Last night was one of the moments that I will always remember.


Because of the climate here theres often tropical storms. In the evening however because of our elevated positions we can see storms far in the distance.


After dinner last night I sat and watched a show of insurmountable beauty for hours. The waves roared and crashed in the rocks beneath us. The sky above was completely calm and clear and light up with thousands of stars twinkling brighter than id ever seen before.


Then on the horizon a large storm swirled and spiralled for hours for us all to watch. The constant flashes  light up a vortex of clouds with fork lighting crashing down into ocean. It went on for hours and felt like the sky was dancing with the ocean.


lightning 1_ lightning 2 lightning 3 lightning 4


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