Can you be truly lost without a destination? 

If you had no idea where you wanted to go, or no idea of what you wanted to do! Can you really be lost? 
When our minds drift back to what could have been. Or we catch ourselves dreaming of a future, then we’re wasting the gift of the present. 
When we don’t plan where we’re going, an we don’t care about when we get there. We’re not lost, were found! 
The most we can ever truly be is alone! If you can except that your happiness isn’t dependant on another then should never be afraid to be alone.
Of course that’s easy to say and much much harder to do. People have spent there whole lives trying to practice “unatchment” but maybe the first step is simply to acknowledge we can be happy alone. We can be happy not knowing what we’re going to do. We can be happy not knowing where we’re going. 
If you mind is constantly drawn backwards you’ll never be able to see what’s in front of you. It’s safe an comfortable to hold on to what an who we know. But maybe we all need to ask ourselves if holding on to what makes us feel comfortable, is actually holding us back from being happy! 


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