“only in stillness, is anything possible

I spent Monday on a vow to myself. We were all asked to try a day of silence and observe any difference we noticed.

At first it was amusing, going about morning routines with people learning new ways to greet and welcome people. From there we went into our normal 2 hour morning Asana practice. The normal laughs and jokes that fill our yoga deck became absent but the feeling and connection with the practice grew exponentially.

Throughout the day without the normal ways of communicating with friends I found myself using my time to complete various assignments I had been putting off. The further into the day though I noticed a change in the way I interacted with others. I had become slower and more conscious of the noise I made in the simplest of tasks.

I noticed I had started to walk softer and with more direction rather than bouncing around from room to room like I normally do. After a afternoon class we practice a walking meditation class. Due to the slower pace of the day this was something I really enjoyed. Connecting your breath with the simplest and most basic of instincts ( walking ) was more challenging then any Asana.

It was great fun to try a day saving the energy that I normally waste on pointless conversations. Am I ready for a continued vow of silence? no! ha, but maybe il start to double think if the things I have to say are needed.


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