When every day is a sunday

I’ve woken up in our hostel in our private room and like almost every other day I forgotten what day it is. I lie in bed next to Jac and make a few stupid jokes and we chat about what do with the day ahead.


We know where were we’ve got to be on which dates this month but we have days with nothing planned. Do we go scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, to the beach, or just sit around and watch episodes of suits on netflix? the beauty of it is, we could do them all.


So quickly I’ve fallen into this magical lifestyle free from any care or responsibility or stress. So many times we catch ourselves walking down new streets laughing because our minds are completely blank.


We literally have removed all day to day stress from our lives! I remember the amount of time back home that my mind was constantly busy trying to juggle all the day to day realities of life. How I thought I was happy because I could do it all and stay in control. It’s crazy to think back now just how much time and effort I spent on just living life day to day.


With my mind constantly active on day to day things I was always to busy to let my mind go free. Now my mind is free I notice so much more about the world around me. I appreciate the women beside me, I notice the small animals scurrying back into the holes as we walk by. I’m free to let the lessons I’ve learned soak in and actually learn from them instead of just living them.


Who knows how long I will be able to keep this going, for now I know I’m happier and at piece more so then any time of my life. Past gremlins that haunted me my whole life have been put to bed and I’m ready for the future ahead!


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