We dropped anchor at 1am In the port city of Cartagena. The crossing from Sandblas Islands has only taken 32 hours, a record time for our captain. After waking when we arrived and seeing the city lights I headed back to sleep.
We spent the morning on the boat eating and packing and saying goodbye to our new friends. We had a hotel to check into and a new city to explore!!! 
The hotel was he starting point for our over landing tour. Since neither of us had planned to come to Colombia we had no idea about the country at all. I’d found a tour that would take us through the country and into equidor and make the trip as simple as possible. 
After checking into the hotel we enjoyed our first showers for 5 days and put clean fresh clothes on. You have no idea how nice it felt!! 
We headed off to lunch in a near bye Italian then went off to explore the city of Cartagena! 

We found ourselves in the old town, filled with shops and restaurants we enjoyed wondering the streets and enjoying the city. We headed back to the hotel then went out for dinner before the day of travelling ahead.
The next day we met the other 18 people who are on our tour, people from all around the globe and all ages. The first stop for the tour was a town called Mompox, the town that Colombia gained its independence.
The city hasn’t changed in the last 60+ years, we spent an evening walking the streets and eat dinner in a square surrounded by locals enjoying there Sunday evening. 
Today we enjoyed a walking tour around the town then sat inside enjoying even more our air conditioned room!! 
Tomorrow we head off to our next town!! 


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