Panama in a nut shell

so despite me promising to keep this up to date it quickly fell at the way side. It’s amazing how fast the days go and how little time you seam to have to write an what not even when you don’t have a job!!! 
So how the hell do I update from my last post just after my birthday! Since then we travelled across Panama twice, went hiking on mountain trails for treasure, rode horses to tranquil villages in the middle of nowhere, got ourselves to a deserted town to scuba dive in a national park with dozens of sharks, explored the Capitol of Panama and enjoyed old towns and crashed roof top pools, spent 5 days sailing in paradise on deserted islands gorging ourselves on fresh lobster and fish and arrived in Colombia in time to join a trip that will take us through the country and into Ecuador!! Bloody hell there’s no way I can sum all that up except it was amazing. How do you pick a favourite when every day is unforgettable. Il just dump a load of photos beneath.
Coiba diving


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