Medellin, food and sangria 

From Mompox we headed to another town 5 hours drive away. It was a nothing town with a stop just to break up the drive to Medellin. Still we enjoyed walking around the square in the evening smiling at all the locals who pointed towards the group of “gringos” in there town.
The next day we had our longest drive yet, a 420km 12 hour trip to Medellin. We knew nothing of the city ahead except that it was a mutual friends favourite city in the world so our hopes were high.
The drive took us over mountains and through valleys with breath taking scenery. Once we finally got to our hotel after battling through traffic and random police stops we headed for the main square.
It was surrounded with bars and restaurants but it was late we just wanted to stuff our face and sleep!! 
The next day we had a city tour with a local guide. We visited statutes in parks and hoped on the cable cars to find panoramic views of the city below. 

 After the tour we grabbed some lunch and rested before a Pablo Escobar tour in the afternoon. We had no real idea what to expect especially at the prospect of meeting his brother at the end of the tour.
We visited one of his former buildings and listened intently to a tour guide who flamboyantly told us stories. We then headed to a cemetery and weaved our way through funeral ceremonies to visit his grave.

 From there we went to house which had been turned into a museum. After a tour around Roberto, one of pablos brothers and former book keeper chatted with us and posed for photos. It was odd to be in front of a man who was witnessed to such boffin crimes poss for selfies. I declined the chance for a photo with him but still enjoyed listening to stories.


The next day Jac and I and 2 others from our tour jumped onto the metro and headed for the botanical gardens. It was so nice and quite and fun to just stroll through the gardens and butterfly parks. We bought souvenirs and ate ice creams then headed back for the bus ride to Guatape 

The drive to Guatape was only 3 hours. Once again the road winded along mountain sides revealing more breath taking views of Colombia. Once at our hotel we were greater by Sam. Originally from India he had tracked and worked around the world. The extended a level of gratitude and friendly mess that instantly made everyone like him. We were invited to his restaurant for a meal that evening and little did we know we were about to enjoy the best meal of our lives!! 
He brought us all a mix of foods to try, buttered chicken and masalas and others I couldn’t name. The food was simply amazing!! 

The next day we had a boat tour across the lakes learning about the history of the artifice lakes. They had been created only 20 years ago and now supply 70% of Colombia power and well as power for surrounding countries. We visited another of Pablo esobars houses although this one was in ruins after being bombed.
In the afternoon we were taken to a local land mark. A rock that had been pushed from the ground centuries ago that you could climb to reveal views as far as the eye could seek

After the days hiking Jac and I went back to SAMs for dinner. Once again we gorged ourselfves with food and chilian wine and sangria. The rest of the night was a drunken mess in a Spanish disco with laughing that brought tears and pain to our faces smiling so much. 
There are videos of that night but they will remain safely tucked away on my phone no doubt to be used as bribery in the future 😉 
For now I’m sat in a cafe as Jac sleeps of her hangover watching a festival walk bye and looking forward to the next few days. After a stop in a. Town were spending 3 nights camping in a coffee plantation and have a night eating a Argentinian bbq!! Yum 


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