Dragonman oh man oh man

So here I sit in a hostel in the capital of Ecuador. Our tour finished last night and now Jac and I are on our own again to explore. The tour was great, It was a complete holiday from travelling. Every morning we got up at the pre agreed time for breakfast then sat on the truck and watched the never ending breath taking scenery of Colombia pass by the window. We didn’t have to plan where and what we were going to do or how to get there, we simply sat back and got to experience and see the country around us. Yes after a period of time you have no interest in walking around or seeing churches. Anyone who has been to Asai will be able to relate after seeing all the temples!! But the trip was great. We were taken to quite remote villages normally untravelled by backpackers and saw all the country had to offer. My photos really don’t do it justice, Especially as my DSLR is broken and all the photos are from my iPhone. So from here we head back to Colombia and to Bogota for 10 days. We’ve rented an apartment and were going to enjoy not being surrounded by 20 people all the time!!

IMG_4480 IMG_4493 IMG_4494 IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4551 IMG_4569 IMG_4603 IMG_4535 IMG_4622 IMG_4680 IMG_4663 IMG_4665 IMG_4677 IMG_4688 IMG_4707 IMG_4744 IMG_4763 IMG_4760


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