Stop dividing yourself. 

Think of all the energy inside yourself as a percentage. That energy is yours and how you choose to use that energy should be a bit more conservative than you think. 
Because of the modern world we live in we can spend so much time and energy on just keeping ourselves informed about other people’s lives. Ask yourself how does this really benefit yourself?? 
Just gaze your minds eye forwards to a time when your soon to pass from this world. Would you not look back and wish you’d spent all that time and energy on yourself and not on others?? Just think what you’d give to have that time back.
Through technology were constantly able to keep In touch with anyone anywhere in the world. But sometimes we put to much of our own energy just trying to keep in touch with people. If they are your true friends and if they add value to your life, then you should be able to go days, weeks, months even years without talking and they’ll still be there.
Next time you look at whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram/twitter maybe put your phone down and pick up that book you’ve never finished. Walk along a road you’ve never been down, stop and admire the world around you.
When we control how we spend our energy we can grow personally stronger than we ever thought we could before. We can build relationships that’s will stand the test of time. An we can be true to ourselves knowing we haven’t wasted our most precious gift…..time. 


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